Under the Tuscan Sun

Anyone else remember that movie? I don't even like chick flicks but that one was good.

I wish this post was about us jetting off for a month-long summer holiday in Tuscany, but sadly, not this year. (We have, however, done Tuscany in November and I would highly recommend it.) Instead, this post is about more paint drama here at The Anniversary Home.

The problem this time? This "Tuscan Yellow" theme we're rocking in the kitchen. At first, I thought I could live with it. I like yellow, but as a paint color, I think it's especially hard to get it right. I was willing to give this a few weeks to see how the color looked in the morning and at night. And it's safe to say now this is not the right yellow for us.

Shoot, even as I post these pictures, it doesn't look too bad, so you're probably thinking I'm overrreacting. But please trust me on this one, it doesn't work.

The issue this time around? I have no idea where to even begin picking a paint color for this room given the cherry cabinets, the gray stone work and the light wood floors. Sheesh, there's a lot going on. Tons of warmth from the cabinents countered by coolish tones from the stone and I'm just stuck.

For all you color experts out there, do you have any ideas? I'm not so much looking for specific paint color recommendations, although that would certainly help, but rather just some ideas. I've tried pinterest and google for inspiration and got as far as nowhere. Lots of people have gone with greenish tones with their cherry cabinets to use a contrasting color theme, and that might work given the grayish tons in the stone...? I'm absolutely at a loss.

Time is of the essence again folks as our painter starts on August 1st which means I need to start getting my samples now. Help!?!


  1. We have similar cherry cabinets in our kitchen and our walls are a sagey green which I think works well. Would you be more open to a softer yellow perhaps?

  2. I definitely see the Tuscan reference here. I'm personally a fan of neutral kitchens -- they look so clean and elegant. What about a very light beige or even a greige?

  3. I just did a post about picking paint colors today! So hard! I found this great website that can help. I think a warm gray night be pretty in there. Cherry cabinets are tricky!

  4. Have you visited Houzz.com? I have been visiting there because I can't decide on what I want for our bedroom. You can search by rooms and see what inspiration jumps out at you rather than going through everyone's pins. Plus, like pinterest, you can save it to a board so you can refer to it when you need to. Its helped point me in the right direction of what I want. Good luck! Its a beautiful kitchen, but I'd want to get rid of the yellow too.

  5. Hello! Your kitchen is beautiful :) I nominated you for an award, go to http://thesimmondsinthesuburbs.blogspot.com to check it out Cat