That time I painted my kitchen...

It's long overdue, but I owe you guys an update on the master bedroom/kitchen painting situation. I'm saving the master bedroom for a separate post. I love the color - it turned out fantastic. Add in some new bedroom furniture (big kid style), new bedding, lamps, accessories, etc, and I think that's a reveal post of its own, don't you?

The kitchen, on the other hand. Ehhhh, mehhhh. I suppose this post can be filed under the "glad it's done but I'm not thrilled with the outcome" section. Let's be honest, I know some of yall liked that yellow, but believe me when I tell you a/ the pictures didn't do the horrific-ness justice and b/ it just wasn't us. It had to go. But did I make the right replacement choice? The jury is still out.

I decided to go with Valspar Frappe at 50%. In it's original formula, it had strong green undertones and was way too dark. I tried a sample at 75% and that was still too dark. I ventured to Lowes again for the 50% sample and decided that would do.

Overall, I'm happy the yellow is gone but not entirely pleased with this choice. I think it's a little bland and I'm not sure it works with the cabinet colors. It'll do for a few years until I find something that really strikes my fancy. For now, it's neutral enough that I hardly notice it day-to-day (unlike the yellow) and perhaps most importantly, it's not too overpowering at night when the paint colors throughout the house seem to become electric.

Warning: these photos are totally unedited and I'm not professing to be a professional photographer. I just snapped them quickly as I was writing this. That meant a quick clean/tidy of the kitchen. However, you'll still get a lovely glimpse into a day in the life of Mrs. B.

Dining table area
Yes, that is a light bulb that needs to be replaced, and yes, I need to fix the slipcovers.
Hi Clemmie!
Looking over the island. You can get an idea of the contrast with the stone.
Stupid light bulb.
Side note: what should I do with that TV mount on the right side?
I need to find pictures to anchor both sides of the window....
From the dining table looking over the island
Ignore the pile of junk on the far left - that's Mr. B's stuff.
Not sure how the color works here against the cabinet color.
Similar view as before.
I spy a bedside table lamp that may or may not be included in the MBR post!
Darn slipcovers....
The laundry room
The pantry looking a little sparse since I haven't been to the grocery in, um, ages.
Have you met my OCD husband who arranges everything label forward?
In conclusion, I'm mostly just relieved that this project is done before baby arrives and I lose track of days/months/years before I have a chance to do anything home-related again. Going forward, part of me thinks I have waited until I was absolutely 100% sure about a color - and I would recommend that to you too - unless you have this looming little deadline like the arrival of a new baby which will likely derail most home decor projects for an undetermined period of time.
Anyone else have a painting experience that borders on disappointing rather than exhilarating? Surely others have made these mistakes before?


  1. 1) Hard to tell- the color looks just white in your pictures...
    2) I'm jealous of the size of your kitchen!
    3) I'm jealous of the size of your pantry! Looks like it could also be used as a butlers pantry which is bonus!
    4) How's it going going a gender neutral nursery???

  2. My entire house is a shade of grey because my husband is color blind and thinks its white... doesn;t look bad to me.