The "Maternity" Pictures

I put "maternity" in quotes partly because that word is just, so, maternal, and because I just really can't deal with the super cheesey, over the top maternity shots. Warning friends: you will see no bare bellies here. (Right about now is when I could launch into a lengthy rant on this topic. I'll spare you the soap box but unless you're say, a supermodel, you don't look so pretty with your bare belly and arm covering your hefty chest.)

That said, it was important to Mr. B and me to at least make some effort to capture the memories of this preggo summer. One of my girlfriends from high school (we were on drill team together) is now a mama to four little girls, and oh, hey, no big deal, runs this super awesome photography biz called Gingersnap Photographs on the side. (Yeah, so, what did you do today?) Amanda and I got to talking about pictures and she was able to fit us in her busy schedule while we were on a last minute trip to Dallas. Thank you Amanda!

Amanda and I decided our approach to these photos would be more of a "couples session when I happen to be pregnant" rather than "hey look at my big fat belly and maybe you'll see an ocassional photo of the hand of the father of my child". Amanda made sure Rich, Clemmie and Dixie were included in most of the photos and I love that the result is a group of shots of our happy little family.

Thank you so much Amanda for a seriously fun photo sesh and for capturing these memories. And for any friends in North Texas - heck, anywhere really! - I highly recommend Gingersnap Photographs! We'll certainly be getting together again soon once Baby B is here!

Favorite. Picture. Ever.
This alone was worth it!
I'm sort of obsessed with the lush green contrasted against C&D's red/blonde fur!
If you insist on a hand on belly shot, here you go....
You can't fake these faces people - so much fun and so much laughing.
You knew we'd be reppin' purple, right?
Amanda's a Baylor Bear (we forgave her for that :-)) and she still let us show our TCU love.
Dixie with her always photogenic smile
Clemmie with her slightly scared, tongue hanging out the side of her mouth look.


  1. Beautiful! What a great reminder of a special/new/exciting time! As much as I'm obsessed wtih photos and having professional pictures taken, I chickened out when it came to maternity pictures. No way am I being prof. photographed at my heaviest weight ;-)

  2. They turned out amazing! Totally concur with you about the whole bare belly thing. Not my cup 'o tea!

  3. Occasional hand of the father!!! Hahaha! These turned out GREAT!