A Master Bedroom sneak peak....

I promised a full master bedroom reveal post....and I'll get there....eventually. Once the room is "done". For you smartie pants, you have caught the catch here. The room is never really done, right? Sidenote: why do these projects always seem to take longer than you think?

Before you continue reading, be sure you go back to the before pics in this post.

Here are a few in progress pictures so you get an idea of the enormity of this transformation:

Primer coat
Primer again - before the real color
Primer (still drying) contrasted with the old color

I think it's pretty fair to say that the primer coat alone gives you an idea of how drastic and much needed this change was. I'm in love with the final outcome. The color is relaxing without being bland and neutral while still being bold. We ended up going with, no surprise here, my go-to color, Valspar Smoked Oyster at 75%. It looks different, in a good way, than it did in the kitchen at the last house, and I love that this has a more gray base rather than the brown shades in the kitchen. It just goes to show you how different lighting can impact the final results.

I'm waiting for a couple pictures to get framed and then I'll be able to pull together the last details of the room to share with you. Be patient with me, I think it'll be worth it!

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