Puppy Pictures Friday

These girls give new meaning to the term "lazy Sunday". Our Labor Day weekend was fairly quiet - busy in the sense we did a bunch of chores and watched a ton of football - and Clemmie & Dixie were thrilled to just hang out.
Sunday morning routine: nap in the kennel while we're at church and then sunbathe on the deck once we're home. You wouldn't believe this is AFTER a few hours napping?

And what's a girl to do when she's done sunbathing? Give Mama's new sofa throw cushions a test drive. Do you approve Dixie? Cause you don't look very comfortable...
And then the rain came. Thanks a bunch Isaac. No seriously. I love being couped up in the house for days on end with two puppies who are b.o.r.e.d. It rained Sunday afternoon, Monday and Tuesday and I was so desperate for an escape, I took them to the local tennis courts and let 'em run free. Highly illegal - given the "No Dogs on Common Grounds" signs everywhere (our town can be kinda uppity) - but totally worth it. What a rebel I am. (Sidenote: Must fence in yard ASAP.)
Clemmie loves her some fetch. She'll fetch, and usually drop it at your feet, for a good 30 min sesh.
Dixie, on the other hand, meehhhhh. She could care less. She'd rather chase birds and sniff weeds.


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  1. ha! Love that you took them to the tennis courts! Such a rebel! My dog absolutely hates rain. She'll just stand in it and look at me like "Hey hussy.. Why don't YOU pee out here in this?"