Puppy Pictures Friday

I think I've mentioned before that I've started taking C&D to the neighborhood tennis courts early in the morning / late at night for some exercise. Some days, it's just easier to let them run around the courts and chase the ball/frisbee/each other rather than do a full walk with both of them. (BTW, I still have yet to be "caught" but had a couple near misses this week! It's difficult to be stealth when two puppies haven't quite mastered quiet! and bark at every squirrel, bird and leaf that blows by.)

Clemmie's idea of a perfect Saturday morning
Homegirl loves her some fetch. She really only brings the ball back about 50% of the time, but as long as she's running around I don't mind.

Side note: This picture was taken approximately 2.8 seconds (no exaggeration) before I dropped my first of the season Starbucks Pumpkin Latte. Granted, it was the end of the cup, but it spilled everywhere, and that was annoying. The only redeeming thing? C&D licked it all up and LOVE pumpkin spice. Their faces were pure ecstasy.

And I guess I can blame their behavior for the rest of the week on that caffeine hit they had on Saturday morning....Oh, Clemmie and Dixie. What am I going to do with you? I swear that you're well behaved when Rich is around and then intentionally raise hell when he's out of town just to get on my nerves. I have photo evidence...

Exhibit A: The first real shoe catastrophy

Clementine. I am not happy.
Yall, the pictures don't do it justice. Thanks to diptic and this collage, I had to cut off about three quarters of the scattering of black foam around the bedroom. Thank goodness this casualty was only an old pair of Reef's, but seriously, not cool sweetheart. Of course, she'd never think of laying a paw on Rich's shoes. Nope. Just mine.
Exhibit B: The Brand New Stick of Butter Gone Missing
Someone has some 'splainin to do
Our little countersurfer has gotten really good these past few weeks and seems to think the waterbottle spray in the face is worth any treat she can find. I put out a new stick of butter (in a place I knew she couldn't reach I thought was a safe spot) but lo and behold, when I realized it was just a little too quiet, I managed to wrangle this out of Dixie's mouth before she could eat the entire darn thing. Not cool girlfriend.
Exhibit C: Filthy Dogs on the Newly Made Bed
It rained, and rained, and rained here this week. Like, I'm talking 5 inches of rain in two days type of storms. We decided to brave the muddy dog park and I'm glad we did. There were tons of muddy, restless dogs who had a blast running through all the puddles, including C&D. They were so happy, and that made me happy. Until I realized the extent of their filthiness. I gave them a quick rinse at the park but I planned on getting them in the bath IMMEDIATELY when we got home. No sooner do I turn my back for one second, do I find this treat....
Yall just HAD to get on the bed, right? But look at those tired faces! Success.
Oh. No. You. Didn't. (Oh yes we did.) It was about this point I realized that my large preggo body probably shouldn't even be attempting to bathe them on my own for fear of slipping or hurting myself. (See, I am a responsible mother!) I bribed them into their kennels with treats and ignored every pathetic whine/huff through the night to join me in bed.
Exhibit D: Best Behavior When Dad's Back from Business Trips
Dixie cuddled up with the fluffy duvet + t-shirts. Wonder where she learned this?
Throw in an early morning barf on the family room rug and a hiss fit over dinner time, and of course, all was well by the time Rich returned home from his trip. Dixie was so happy her Dad was back she not only had to sleep right between his legs but with his t-shirts too. Furthermore, she was not going to get out of bed in the morning. Not to potty, not for breakfast. And really, when she's passed out in this comfy position, who can blame her?

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