Puppy Pictures Friday

Most weeks I have a plethora of pictures to choose from (because I need a life other than taking pictures of my dogs?) but this week there are a total of three. It was pretty busy around here with Mr. B finishing up a bunch of projects before he headed off to Spain and Mama H. came to visit. So, sadly, C&D were shamefully neglected in the photo department. (Let's be honest, they don't know what I'm doing anyways and could care less.)

I'm not sure what things are like around your house on Sunday afternoons but most weeks ours are pretty lazy. Sure, there were a million things to get done, and consequently Mr. B was up till midnight finishing his to-do list, but how could I deprive him of his Sunday afternoon nap, especially when C&D joined for extra cuddles.

I especially love the "hat over face" technique to block out the light
rather than just closing the blinds.
And while I'm on the sleeping theme, I managed to snap this picture of my little hound girl when she was napping. Excuse the extreme close up, but she was essentially RIGHT in front of my face. All I could see was snout, snout, snout. Have I mentioned that girlfriend loves to sleep? I'm curious to see how this trend progresses as she ages because she can be pretty mellow now at 7 months. What will happen at 7 years? 
OMG can you get any closer to me?
And finally, I visited a local kennel/breeder/dog trainer this week about getting tweedledee and tweedledumb enrolled in some more training lessons. The man was an absolute freakin GENIUS, by the way. C&D are pretty good, but with the baby on the way, and also noting that sometimes when it's just the three of us at home they could care LESS about what I want them to do, I think it's best we invest in some higher edu-ma-kation. But anyways... 
I was telling the gentleman about how they sometimes take ages to eat their dinner - obviously my girls are NOT heffers and do NOT scarf down their food. He explained that I might be feeding too much because it goes against their wild instinct to eat like there's no tomorrow because now they know where they're next meal is coming from. (Um, duh. Why didn't I think of that?) Well, lo and behold, I reduced their portion sizes, and here's the result. This was taken at 3 minutes to 5pm.
Clemmie wants some DINNER. Napping in front of the water bowl/food container?
You are joking, right?
And before any of you go calling the SPCA because you think I'm starving my dogs, please don't worry, they're still getting plenty of food. I'm just making sure they know who's the boss. And it's clearly working because they're eating in one sitting now and have magically gotten back to their old routine of anticipating meals rather than being flippant about when dinner is coming. Win for me.
Happy weekend friends!

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