The Elephant in the Dining Room UPDATE

So no sooner than I posted that serious white girl problems post about the lack of dining room furniture did a solution present itself. Note to self: anytime one has problems, just blab them to the blogger universe and they will resolve themselves!

Mama H. came in town this past weekend to hang out and help me finish up some last details with the nursery. (Let's be very honest though: she was here in case I went in to labor while Mr. B was gallivanting around a golf course in Spain and drinking way too much beer. But no worries friends, the bun in still in the oven!)

Mr. B had mentioned, as he does every month, that I should check out the listing for the local monthly auction as there were a couple items which I might be interested. I sort of ignored him at first, but finally found myself scrolling through the pictures when BAM. I saw a dining room table. AH-HA!

Well yall know I just LOVE the auction. Think of all the deals we've scored over the years at various auctions: rocking chairs, dining chairs, pansy paintings, a Persian rug...oh I'm sure I've left a bunch of stuff out. I love the adrenaline rush (and so did Baby B! He/she was kicking up a storm when I was bidding!) and I love feeling like I crushed the competition when I win (um, competitive much?).

Mama H. and I went to check out the table and chairs the day before and they passed the test. Of course, this is a used table, so it wasn't in brand new retail condition, but that's okay. It had a little wear and tear, but let's be honest, YOU KNOW if I brought home a brand new table I'd find a way to scratch it within 7.3 seconds of it being in my home. That's just how it goes with me.

Fast forward to auction day, and lucky number 147, and the table + two leaves + 8 chairs were mine.

(pictures from the Auction House website)
I'd been hankering for a double pedestal table and while I'd prefer a little less upholstery on the chairs, I'll take it! The good news is the cream is so neutral (and clean) they don't need to be reupholstered immediately.
I've found what looks to be a later edition of the set by Broyhill so if I want the sideboard / buffet / china cabinet, I can hopefully match it so that only I know (and yall too!) how we pieced together this little deal. And it still leaves me the flexibility to find a really unique (and non-matching piece!) for the room instead. Call it the best of both worlds.
Hello jigsaw puzzles, turkey and stuffing and lots of family memories around this table!


  1. LOVE- there are so many fabulous fabrics I could see those chairs in!

  2. It's PERFECT ... did you get a great deal on it too? Yay for a wonderful auction find!

  3. I found that exact set on Craigslist and am incredibly glad I got it!!!! Congrats!

  4. Get outta my head, girl! We just bought a (used) dining room set last weekend and those were the exact thoughts going through my brain when I thought of all we'd be able to do around that table: jigsaw puzzles, turkey and stuffing and lots of family memories. Gotta love a good find!