Nursery Update

Leave it to us to leave this nursery business to the last minute, but I can assure yall, we're almost there!

We got a little behind with the addition of some crown molding (it's a long story but Mr. B insists that if Baby is going to be staring up at the ceiling, it needed some extra decorative woodwork) and several weekends of other home projects that set back our timeline.

However, with Mama H. here this past weekend, everything is nearly complete. The only thing left? Hang it all on the walls and arrange it. Seriously. Just put it all where it goes and we're done!

I promise I'll share complete room photos when it's done, but here are a few pieces that came together this past weekend. You'll see these little bits scattered throughout the room in the final pictures, but at least you can have an idea of what we're doing over here!

Not sure this particular framing company could have taken ANY longer but at least it's done.
Notice the "Clerkenwell" sign below the second "O" in London.
That's where Mummy and Daddy met. At a bar. How romantic.
I was short a couple of frames for some pictures so scored some cheap white ones at TJMaxx.
And it's true: this is our family routine. Wake Up, Be Awesome, Go to Bed.
Excuse the unedited picture and the setting - the middle of the kitchen is not a normal place for a rocking chair, I'm aware.
We went in CIRCLES about a rocking chair but found a perfect workaround solution for this one.
This, btw, is the rocking chair that my brother and I were rocked in as babies.
And what to do with some of our leftover fabric?
Make a kite! (The room has a little bit of a kite theme!)
Okay, that's it for now. The room is nearly there and I can rest easier at night (as if there is such thing these days) knowing we will bring a baby home to a finished project and not a work in progress!


  1. So cute! I love using things that have been passed down in the family.

  2. I love it so much! And I have thought about having that same 'be awesome' sign in a nursery when we start a family. There is another one that reads "Don't forget to be awesome." That I thought about too. It gives you hope that your child will have wit early in life.