Puppy Pictures Friday

First of all, thanks for all the Dining Room and Nursery love this week. Yall are too sweet. Considering I'm doing this in a rush and on a dime, yall do a pretty good job of fooling me in to thinking it's not half bad!

I failed at puppy pictures this week. They spent several days at daycare, so when they've been at home in the evenings, they've been seriously chilled out. Or chewing bones in their crates. Neither of which really make for the cutest picture.

Miss Clementine can be a little ADD, so it takes a lot for her to just shut off and fall asleep. I was stunned when passed out, mid-evening playtime, on the sofa this week. And she didn't just fall asleep, she was out cold!

Mama H said it best: "It's really hard being a cute puppy". Too right it is. 

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