Another year, another birthday

Not only is today a pretty fun date - 10.11.12 - it's Mr. B's BIRTHDAY!!

Can you please all take a minute and wish him a happy day? He might not ever admit it, but he secretly loves this blog (maybe more than I do?) and I know your comments would make.his.day.

This year, the birthday celebrations around here will be pretty low key compared to previous years. Partially, because I'm beyond pregnant (yep, it's reached that point) and partially because it just the way it goes some years. Tomorrow, we'll (being me, baby and puppies - duh) bake Rich his favorite cake: German Chocolate and celebrate his special day.

In a sign of things to come, Mr. B will be spending this evening at Disney on Ice with his Little Brother, B. (Oh you didn't know? In addition to being an amazing husband, father, friend - he also volunteers with Big Brothers Big Sisters.) Disney on Ice folks. Love it.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so instead of me trying to explain Mr. B's awesomeness in words, I'll just leave you with a few photos of him to celebrate his special day.

This was a huge hit on Facebook:
"That moment when you're watching men's gymnastics and your husband decides "I can do that too".
You know someone is going to be a great father when he practices reading bedtime stories to the puppies - and they actually listen.
Teaching Clem-kadiddle-hopper to swim this summer in Dallas
Happy Birthday love - it's been a fantastic year. Can't wait for the next...


  1. Happy bday to your hubby. Just found your blog. You are the cutest couple! Good luck with expanding your family. Hope it happens soon.

  2. Happy birthday Mr. B and I looooove that last pic of ya'll!

  3. Happy birthday, Mr. B! You're going to be a great dad!

  4. Happy birthday, Mr B! Have an awesome day!