Weekend Recap + Dining Room Update

People: You won't believe what I woke up to this morning...

No. Not the temperature inside. I'm talking about the top left corner with the outside temperature. Let's just say the snuggle bed - of which I'm particularly famous for - was in FULL effect this morning. The duvet was in strong cocoon mode, the sun decided to barely make itself present until I was wide awake, and it's gray and rainy outside as I write this. This, friends, is absolute bliss when you're 9 months pregnant and eternally radiating heat from the bun in the oven.

This past weekend flew by - especially when you realize we really only have two - three - weekends tops left as a little family of 2 (or 4. Depending how you count it.) This past weekend was our Theta Alumnae Chapter Garage Sale so Saturday was a long day of wheeling and dealing all in the name of raising some dinero for Court Appointed Special Advocates. The only problem was it rained, and rained, and rained - so the crowds didn't really turn out as we'd hoped. Nonetheless, we've raised about $3,500 this year for char-i-tayyyy and that's what counts. However, my feet, ankles and knees did not appreciate the manual labor on Saturday night.

We plowed forward with getting the dining room arranged. Mr. B and one of his awesome colleagues picked up the table + chairs on Friday afternoon so Saturday afternoon we did a quick clean, moved the rug into the room and arranged everything. I didn't get any pictures with the two leaves in, but everything fits perfectly at it's largest, and it's nice and compact without the leaves for day-to-day use. Next up - some pictures and a buffet and we can call it a day on this room!

The rug - which was also an auction find - was temporarily in the living room
but now lives full time in the dining room.

Excuse the mess on the kitchen island lurking through the doorway.

I really need to Scotchguard those chairs before they attract a red wine spill or gravy mess. I plan to get them reupholstered but who knows when that will happen...

And lastly, we made some progress with the final nursery arrangements this weekend but nothing to share just yet. It's still a work in progress, but there are a few shelves up and some adorable purple lanterns hanging in the corner. You will see soon enough...

Happy Monday friends! 


  1. The table looks so pretty in that room ... yay for nesting! :)

  2. Looks good! Since pattern in the rug is small is tight, I'd look at fabric with a bigger print. But then again, I'm no Julia Sugarbaker ;-)