Happy Un-Halloween

Mr. B and I aren't really the Halloween types. Don't get me wrong, we love a good costume party (scratch that, we just love a good party!) but the past few years have been "off-years" in terms of celebrating Halloween. Which means the off-years are starting to become the norm and Halloween seems to pass without a blink of an eye around here. Bummer. That really needs to change. 

When we moved into our new digs last year, ALL the neighbors asked us what we were doing for Halloween. I thought they were just being nice and making small talk, but it turns out Halloween is a really big deal around these parts. Main Street is blocked off from all traffic; spooky luminaries line the streets and sidewalks, one neighbor sets up a haunted house in his barn, and the local farmers bring all the local kids in on their tractors / hayrides. It's totally awesome.

Last year, we sat out on the porch with a glass of wine and warm chicken soup, played Michael Jackson's Thriller on repeat and gave away full-size candy bars. (Here's how big of a deal it is around these parts: we gave away 150 full-size bars and still had to tap 4 bags in to our candy reserves!)

Even without little kiddies, we had a total blast looking at all the costumes and watching the kids run back and forth across the street to collect their treats. We saw a kid last year who tripped in our yard - he was of course fine - but we found his silver plastic gun this spring! Guess it got lost under leaves and snow and we didn't find it till everything cleared out. Too funny.

This year, Mr. B. is away (see tomorrow's blog post for more) and I'll be scaring the crap out of greeting the kiddos alone. I'm not sure I have time to score 150 bars this late in the game, but hopefully Target will still have some candy left. And not the crappy kind. I refuse to be that house that gives away the crappy candy.

Hope yall have a fun Halloween!

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  1. I wish we lived in a place that had a bunch of trick or treaters! Our road is busy-ish so we heard from neighbors that we don't really get any. We're going to a friend's house that is a neighbor of ours - they get some.