We have an announcement...

Gosh, could I tease you anymore with that title? I'm good.

To add to the suspense, I'm not going to tell you what our "announcement" is for the next few weeks or so. Please don't be mad. There's just a few things at play here that need to get resolved before we can share with the world. You understand, right? It's nearly torture trying to keep my mouth shut right now (hence this cruel but theraputic post) and I promise to bring you all along on this journey as soon as it really starts.

But know this, this change will have a significant impact on The Anniversary Home. All for the best.

Feel free to start making your guesses. (And no, Mama H. and Violet will not become grandmothers out of this hoopla so don't even start.) And for those of you who "really" know, please help us keep it quiet for just a little longer?! Gracias mucho.

Happy Monday!