Congrats Alexa & Ryan!

Yall, give our friends Alexa & Ryan a big whoop whoop congrats! for their engagement a few weeks ago!

Alexa & Ryan at the Philly 3 Day

You may better remember Ryan from the epic TAH party we had a few months ago, in what may be, perhaps, the ultimate, all time, best house party drunk picture ever:

Ryan, actually taking his punishment shot, while the rest of us are
focused on the next batch of hot toddies in the background. Chaos.

And you all know Alexa, from behind the scenes, for her infamous toilet paper graffitti antics and the special toilet paper person she made for our anniversary:

 Alexa, Me and Liz

Even though we can't be in Philly to celebrate and wish them all the best, we are excited to hear all about the wedding planning adventures. No doubt these two hipster designers will make the rest of us look, well, completely unoriginal. Love you both!

PS: You all owe Alexa an extra thank you for being one of the motivation team and little birdies who remind me to keep on keepin' on with this blog. Thank you Alexa!!

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