Hello new friends from A. Liz Adventures

Oh my goodness! What an afternoon. In case yall haven't seen, my friend A. Liz, over at A. Liz Adventures, featured The Anniversary Home as a new blog she loves. I'm so humbled. Thanks girl!

For some of you who are stopping by The Anniversary Home for the first time - welcome! I hope you like a little sass, a little sarcasm, some English and Texan musings with a little random mixed in.

Mr. B is the English Optimist and I'm the one with the Southern Savvy. Together, we're renovating our Victorian Farmhouse outside of Philadelphia. But as fate has a funny way of working, we're now try to sell said farmhouse to move down south for Mr. B's awesome new job. Enough blabbering though, Mr. B and I are so excited to meet y'all!

In case you want to know a little more about us, without reading through our entire story, why don't you check out these posts? It'll bring you up to speed on The Anniversary Home and we'll basically be BFF's after that.

Why is it called The Anniversary Home?

Take a "before" tour of The Anniversary Home kitchen, living room and dining room

Take a "before tour of The Anniversary Home master, guest rooms and office

Want an idea of a typical weekend project for Mr. & Mrs. B.?

The Kitchen Renovation

Uh Oh. We're Moving.

Yes, that should get you up to speed! You'll find a lot of entertaining stuff in between all these posts, if I do say so myself, so go ahead, get a cup of tea - wait, wine - and get reading new friends. It's great to have y'all here and please follow / leave me a comment so I can follow all of you too!

Lots of love,
Mr. & Mrs. B xxx


  1. Saw your blog featured on A.Liz Adventures and am excited to add it to my list!

  2. I love your blog!! So glad I am following now!